What are Regional Natural Parks? How do they differ from National Parks or Nature Reserves? Why and how have they been created? What do they protect? How do they manage their territory? What commitments do they imply? Who arbitrates the sometimes divergent parties and makes the decisions on their territory?

All stakeholders, among which elected officials and representatives, institutional partners, as well as inhabitants, journalists and the general public ask us these fair and relevant questions every day, thereby demonstrating their interest in Regional Natural Parks.

It is not always easy – in fact, it is often rather complex – to satisfy their curiosity.

Indeed, each Regional Natural Park can use its own experience. However, parks as a whole need to have a consistent common «statement» that is as concise and comprehensible as possible in order to bring clear and unequivocal answers to these people.

This STATEMENT, which results from extensive discussions with the stakeholders, is a tool for all those who have to explain, defend, and provide information on the Regional Natural Parks of France, their raison d’être and their missions.

This tool may be improved according to the Parks themselves and current events. In other words, it should adapt to any future questions that we may encounter!